Behind-the-Camera of Photojournalist Nic Coury in Monterey County, California.

August 30, 2009

Monterey Nightlife

So last night in an attempt to get out of the house and originally to get some file art for a bunch of bands—all playing on the same night at different, close-by, locations—for the paper, I ended up creating a nice folder of some Monterey nightlife.

Let's take a closer look...

Big American Family was rocking at East Village coffee lounge.

Fans watch from inside, slightly hidden by a red, wire-y curtain.

A bookstore downtown, shut for the night.

Sardine Factory regular David Conley tickles the ivory, playing Billy Joel and other classics.

"Big Cat" Tolefree plays the blues for the second night in a row at Sly McFly's.

Late-night patrons pass Bullwhacker's where Jonah and the Whalewatchers performed Reggae.

Blue Fin provides billiards and drinking for its patrons.

Rosie of Darktown Rounders strums classic blues tunes at Blue Fins' music room.

Bom Gamber hangs out at the show.

Jake Luce enjoys the scene.

Cannery Row from above.

A patron leaves Sly's after a long evening.

~ nic

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