Behind-the-Camera of Photojournalist Nic Coury in Monterey County, California.

October 28, 2009


Can we say "dream assignment?" I think so.

I shot the annual zombie walk through downtown Monterey yesterday afternoon.

Good turnout and great makeup and effects.

~ nic

October 25, 2009

Adventure: Live Music at Fernwood.

I wandered down to Big Sur with some good friends last night and shot some photos.

As I've lamented before, shooting bands is kind of for the birds. It's kind of unspoken that you don't put them in portfolios, but as I always try, I brought my cameras in hopes of making different pictures. So I did.

I also had a bag full of film, of which I shot none...

~ nic

October 18, 2009

ABS Climbing Competition.

Yesterday afternoon I wandered into Sand City to Sanctuary Rock Gym where they hosted the annual ABS Bouldering Competition.

I climb myself and love shooting it, because it's a different sport. It's simple, yet intense.

~ nic

October 17, 2009

Kerouac's Big Sur

This week's cover story was about a new documentary about Beat writer Jack Kerouac in Big Sur.

The story even got featured on

The cover photo and inside art brought me down to the same areas in Big Sur where Kerouac wrote his famous novel at fellow beat Lawrence Ferlhinghetti's cabin (below).

The article's writer, Stuart Thornton, and I took the beaten path near Bixby Bridge (seen from below in the first image) to find the hidden cabin.

It was a really cool find. I packed a handful of lenses and my trusty D700 in a small bag and wandered away.

There were all these great little details about the house, like the hand-painted signs and tub in the yard.

~ nic

October 16, 2009


Here's a sample time-lapse video I shot this afternoon while drinking an Americano at Acme Coffee Roasting Co. in Seaside.

This was the first time I've played with it. I gotta get the timing down a bit better. This was at 1 frame every 5 seconds. I plan to do a few this weekend, so more to come...

~ nic

October 12, 2009

Single Feature Photo: Hairdresser

(Nikon D700, 85mm, ISO 800, f/1.4, 1/160 sec.)

Wendy Skidmore, owner and hair specialist of coiffed hair! @ STUDIO 54 in Monterey, takes a little off the top on Tuesday evening.

- - -

I snapped this photo on the way back to my car after an assignment shooting a new alcohol drink at a bar in downtown Monterey. I opened up the aperture all the way and shot it on the "Vivid" color setting on the my camera, giving it kind of a painting look. It's a nice simple, feature photo, "slice-of-life" image that I like.

I saw it from the street and decided to frame it through the window. Looking at it now, I think I would have stepped back a few feet to pull the image out a bit wider.

~ nic

October 2, 2009

War Protest.

So after taking a reluctant request from my editor to shoot a few stills at a war protest (at 5pm on a Friday...), I grabbed my cameras and wandered on down.

A bit jaded from covering similar ones in the past, I made a conscious decision to make new photos. The above photo presented itself due to the kid and his dad flying a kite on the beach in the background behind an anti-war sign. It struck an interesting cord in my head to see that contrast.

The shot below was a bit odd, because these two kids grabbed some signs at the request of their parents (who were also holding signs). What struck me here was that there were two kids who might not yet understand what they're making a stand against, but still did.

The girl below, Jess Martin, I had photographed before at the local health care reform town hall meeting and we had a nice, little chat this afternoon about one's motivation to hold a sign.

Psychic fair tomorrow...

~ nic