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November 8, 2009

Travel: Hawk's Shadow, Big Sur

I took a nice opportunity to visit the ridge-top property of my "serial" artist friend Ed Leeper.

He called the place Hawk's Shadow. It's located up a windy, dirt road off of Palo Colorado Canyon Rd. near Highway 1 near Rocky Point Restaurant. I know the canyon well, because it also houses the Boy Scout camp I worked at for 10 summers.

Ed spent a lot of time at Hawk's Shadow working on projects and being "off the grid." It's a fantastic spot that I'll be revisiting when I can.

The main building is this great cabin straight out of a beat novel.

There was some great light coming through the window in one of the other cabins, so I took a self-portrait.

All around the cabin were these great details showing a person's history.

Including a lot of weird, random stuff in the yard, but that's Ed Leeper for you.

The road up to his place was a bit gnarly, so I parked safely below and walked about 50 yards up, but next time I'll drive as I found a good place to turn around further up.

This was the view from where I parked. The cabin is up to the left.

I shot a lot of film as well and will post some when I get it back from the lab.

~ nic

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  1. Poetic images of an absent man's beautiful home.