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January 2, 2010

A Numbers Game.

My worn and weathered Nikon D2H...

When shooting, I often get the comment, "Wow, you much shoot a lot of photos."

The answer is yes, I do shoot A LOT of photos. I did some calculations via the crazy applications available in digital photography.

I have three camera bodies, the above photo was my first professional camera body: full-body, extremely built well and felt like a camera should feel. It's now slated purely for remote use. I bought it with a replaced shutter and I shot all the photos on it.

My main body is a Nikon D700 and my second body is a Nikon D300. The D300 performs nearly as good as my main body, though not as great in low light. I bought it used, but it had only about 2,000 photos on it.

So here are the numbers.

D700 (bought Dec. 2008) - 80,433
D300 (bought Aug. 2009) - 11,458
D2H (bought Jan 2008) - 57,742

I didn't use my D2H much this past year, but probably put 3,000 on it so here's my estimate.

Total Photo Estimate in 2009: 92,000

The D300/D700 shutters are rated for 150,000, while the full pro cameras are rated for 300,000. I just read about someone's D3 exceeding 600,000 before it died. Let's see how mine do...

I also shoot pretty conservatively and will continue to lower my photo count, so we'll see how I do by the end of next year.

~ nic

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