Behind-the-Camera of Photojournalist Nic Coury in Monterey County, California.

October 12, 2010

Film: Al Jardine of the Beach Boys on Kodak Tri-X 400

Al Jardine. (Nikon F100, 85mm f/1.4 AF @ f/11, Kodak Tri-X pushed to 1600.)

A few weeks ago, original Beach Boys member Al Jardine fell in front of my camera at a trip to Jardine's Big Sur property and Red Barn Studios for the Monterey County Weekly.

He was preparing for his first, upcoming Big Sur show at Henry Miller Library.

Aside from two digital cameras, I rattled off 1 roll of Fuji Pro 160s and 2 rolls of Kodak Tri-X which I had pushed two stop in order to shoot indoors, but then we went outside, so I had to stop my 1600 ASA film down to f/16 in bright sunlight... It made for some super sharp, high-contrast images, which I actually like very much.

I only shoot film for certain editorial projects and I felt this was a proper application for old black-and-white film.

The above shot was one of the few single shots I really liked of the nearly 100 film shots I got. It is a simple moment of reflection from a member of a music group that brought great, pop music to many decades of fans world-wide.