Behind-the-Camera of Photojournalist Nic Coury in Monterey County, California.

November 16, 2010

Far Out Flavorful Food


Tonight I took my folks way out into the middle of nowhere, literally, for a really cool dining experience at the Cachagua General Store with the fantastic chef skills of Michael Jones.

Jones uses local goodness to create some amazing dishes and has some great, local wines to pair.

Cachagua Store chef Michael Jones.

Restaurant front door.

Really good bread.

Really good wine.


The store is located out in Cachagua. About 30 minutes past Carmel Valley Village, which is a haul in itself. Dinner is only on Monday nights in two sittings and the menu consists of great appetizers, entrees and desserts.

The bar.

My pops.

Rabbit. Five ways.

People come from all over to dine there and there are locals of Cachagua who hang out as well, like Grant Risdon (below), who we profiled at the Monterey County Weekly last spring for his wild stories of growing up and lifetime of living in the area.

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