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December 28, 2011

My Favorite Photos of 2011.

Espresso. I love the stuff.

This year has been wild. I shot a lot of fun, interesting photos and a lot of photos that bothered me.

Here are a few of my personal favorite photos away from work.

Casey Stoner leads his Honda teammate down the start/finish straight at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in August during the 2011 Indianapolis Moto Grand Prix.

I traveled to Indiana (above) to shoot the other U.S. moto race and it was a great chance to get out of the state and shoot racing. Cycle World magazine ran one of my photos from that race as well and I got stay with my good friend Andrew Wheeler who is a killer photographer on his own right.

"Serial" artist Ed Leeper.

Per usual, I did a lot of portraits, including my friend and artist Ed Leeper.

Below was a sampling of a few shots I did for Figge Cellars, a winery I have been working with for a few years. Peter and his crew make great, local wine and they're super nice folks.

The campaign this year was "Share It" and I think we accomplished that.

Below is a photo I did for Ferrari. Yes, the shiny, red car people. I did a video project for them in August, which was fun, but challenging.

A Ferrari 250 GTO heads down turn 8, the "corkscrew", during the Monterey Motorsports Reunion in August.

More portraits:

Mandalyn in her element.

Mandalyn is a good friend and this wild, artsy type and I have many photographs of her, but this is one of my favorites. She has this wonderful smile and it shows off here.


Curator Marcelle Polednik at the Monterey Museum of Art.

This last photo was taken in Santa Cruz only last weekend. Shot on my point-and-shoot of surfers at Pleasure Point. I saw this frame with the fading, cloudy mountains in the background and went out to compose a photo that showed all these great elements.

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