Behind-the-Camera of Photojournalist Nic Coury in Monterey County, California.

April 28, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing to Big Sur Marathon Solidarity.

Shannon Botte of Boston walks to the start of the 2013 Big Sur International Marathon. She ran the Boston Marathong as well.
I woke up at 4:00am this morning to shoot the 2013 Big Sur International Marathon. It was a bit different this year after just two weeks ago, the Boston Marathon was rocked by two bombing that killed three people and wounded nearly 200.

With both races, there is a section you can register in called "Boston to Big Sur," which there were about 400 marathoners who did so and before the start at 6:45am, there was a silence for the victims in Boston and there was something else.

There was a sense of what the runners were doing there was right. There was a great electricity in the air as the near 3,500 people took off along Highway 1.

As I was walking away to leave, I saw three women running across the finish line holding hands and crying. I stopped and missed a few frames, but I got the photo below as they cried and hugged. I introduced myself and asked what was up. Kirstin (facing the camera below) explained how the three friends had crossed the finish line together in Boston and were happy to make it across the finish line in California only two weeks later.

They were a tribute to those lives lost and those injured in Boston.

All along the marathon, people were cheering each other on and coming together in solidarity to overturn the hatred in Massachusetts. They came together in love and kindness. 

After the three friends completed the Boston Marathon two weeks ago, Kristin Powell from Minneapolis cries with Lindsey Wild and Nycole Schneider after they finished the Big Sur International Marathon on Sunday.
A runner passes along historic Bixby Bridge.
A marathoner runs along Highway 1.

Neil Pearson of Rozelle, New Zealand gets greeted at the finish line by Boston Marathon Senior Operations Manager Ron Kramer.
Stephane Maisonneuve of New York finishes the Big Sur International Marathon.
The start of the 2013 Big Sur International Marathon.
Pacific Grove resident Adam Roach finishes first in the 2013 Big Sur International Marathon.

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